I Run This

* cut and scratched “Slick Rick” *
* audience applause *

* siren sounds *

“MC… Ricky… D” * last syllable scratched *
“Okay party people in the house” * scratched *
“This is the original grand wizard”
* cut and scratched “Slick Rick” *
[unknown sample] * scratched “Slick Rick” *
“Something funky push that in em”
“Ricky… D”

[Slick Rick]
Is it a custom – to what? To provoke out a hostile apostle
and make him smack the coke out your nostril
BAP, the butter cat at gutter rappin and I’m all man
Whatever gotta happen gotta happen
Boy don’t make me put my grown man shoe in you
And I’m sorry father, for any wrongdoing doin you
Cause dogs barkin and the girl sigh
Here to present myself as the sparkle of the world’s eye
Picture I – where Spice Girls chick arrived
England, January 14th, six-five
While you scream out Brannyville
“You old ass rapper!” You got it, but can he still
sever, in other words, rap more clever
like no other younger rapper walkin could ever?
Apparently I done this, on this
Stunned his behind – out the way of who reign

“Hurry up, run” * cut and scratched*
“Run, run, run, r-run” * scratched from Run-D.M.C.*
“Hurry up, run” * cut and scratched*
[Rick] Out the way of who reign, I RUN THIS
“Run.. run, r-run” * scratched from Run-D.M.C.*
[Rick] Stop the world kid, bring it home Slick
“run, r-run”