Indian Girl (An Adult Story)

Davy, davy crockett, king of the wild frontier, yeah
Davy, davy crockett, king of the wild frontier

Well hes in indian town, and what spots his eye?
A nice looking indian, and honey looked fly
He had to talk because he just couldnt hack it
She wore some moccasins and plus a tough leather jacket
He trotted over and invented a line
He said excuse me, um, do you happen to have the time?
All was on his mind was sex, sex, sex
So she said why do ask? you got your own timex
To poor old dave that line was cold blooded
He felt that her ego was way over flooded
She started to laugh and then she started to say
Im sorry some times I do get carried away
I didnt mean to like ill treat you
My name is running rabbit and Im glad to meet you
He said Im dave, with crazy clout
Oh youre the one the girls keep talking about
Yeah, you must be, because you look like a winner
Come to my house, well discuss it over dinner

Davy, davy crockett, king of the wild frontier

Well, he met her father, big chief beretti
He said whats for dinner?
Soup and spaghetti
The dinner was rotten and he swore hes gonna puke it
He never would have took it if hed known that he had cooked it
Later on they were chilling, in the bedroom
Sitting at the window looking at the moon
Judging from the mood he swore she was hot
He said are you in the mood?
She said no Im not
From what he believes and from what he gets
When a girl says no, he really thinks she means yes
So, he started touching her and coming out strong
Whispering sweet nothings and singing a song
He said
(singing) Im in the mood for love,
Simply because youre near me,
Funny but when youre near me,
Im in the mood, dont mean to be rude,
But Im in the mood for love
She said oh dave, youve got my poor back hurting
I want you, but first close the curtain
He closed the curtain and also the doors
The next thing you knew it was off with those drawers

Take it easy davy, youre hurting me. stop

Well, he was playing with her tits, they were soft not lumpy
And then he cracked the legs like humpty-dumpty
Hes fucking, sucking, also finger popping
He had, no intention of stopping
Crazy fun, he did not want to leave
His head was between her tits and he could barely breathe
He had to toss, turn, turn, toss
Meanwhile he was riding her with crazy force
She was burning hot, she said stop, stop.
He said are you talking sex or what?
I guess she didnt realize what she started
Next thing you knew she was acting retarded
She said to him strangely and kind of merry
Stop now, or Ill be unable to marry
He didnt take her warning
He rode her till the morning
He rode that ass till the pussy started yawning

(yawning sounds)

He said what? wait his dick went weak
It said dave, pussies aint supposed to speak
He gathered his things he wanted to leave this place
But first he wanted to see the vagina face to face
He opened it up, with his bare two thumbs
He seen crabs with spears and indian drums!

Theys going heya hiya heya hey, hey
Heya hiya heya hey
Heya hey, heya hey
Heya hiya heya hey
Heya hiya heya hey